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I love how they call it the "Frozen" trailer, as if that was the most interesting part of it

It's rare that I come across something that makes me think to myself "Man, I need to tell people about this." This right here is one of those instances. Between the characters, the music, and the beautifully depressing atmosphere, this is definitely a series I want to see picked up by someone. It's just too fantastic
me: Ugh, just once I would like to watch a show that actually has the balls to kill off a major character and have them stay dead.
also me: No, why did they have to die!?!? Come on, guys, this is fiction, right? They don't HAVE to stay dead, right?
BBC: The new Doctor is a female!
Me: *grabs popcorn* This is gonna be good


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RWBY Vol 5 OST by Shadows-Twilight

At long last, the RWBY Volume 5 soundtrack is here! I considered doing a small thoughts/opinions piece when the Volume 4 soundtrack first came out, but I ended up never getting around to it. So, I figured I'd try it for Volume 5. So here we go.

1. The Triumph

Yeah, I'm a girl
But I'm also a gun
Faster and deadly
You'll never outrun
You know, I was afraid that Ruby would get left out this soundtrack, seeing as the rest of Team RWBY ended up getting their own song, but I see they pulled the same trick as Volume 4 and simply hid hers as the opening. This song in it's entirety is just as much of an adrenaline boost as it is in it's shortened form. The lyrics are clever and well-written, the music is completely heart-pounding, and the vocals are amazing. This might be my favorite Ruby song since Red Like Roses Part II

2. Ignite

This song didn't exactly strike me as all to serious or dark in the Yang Character Short, but I certainly didn't expect it to be Did the trumpets give anyone else "Never Miss a Beat" flashbacks? I know Flynt Coal's face certainly came to mind when the rap portion started

3. Path to Isolation

I swear, this song is like "This Life is Mine Part II"  (Which I guess makes sense, seeing as TLiM was "Mirror Mirror Part III" while this is "Mirror Mirror Part 0.5". Jeff really like Mirror Mirror, doesn't he). It carries all of the things I loved about that song into this one, while adding it's own level of beautiful angst. Gotta appreciate a song that can go from melodic violins to electric guitar in such a natural manner.

4. Smile
This was the exact opposite of what I expected. The slow and emotional start was a real treat to hear (I could listen to that first chorus for hours, I swear), with a very lovely tribal feel to it with those drums. What really elevates this song, though, was the simple fact that it was sung from the point of view of Ilia's parents. That gave this song an extra emotional blow that I still haven't recovered from. It's hard to say for sure, but I think this might be my favorite out of this entire soundtrack. It was certainly the one that caught me most by surprise

5. All Things Must Die

If I had to sum this song up into a single word, it would be "haunting". The whole thing plays like a chorus of demons telling you that you're basically f***ed, and I must say I love it.

6. This Time (From Shadows Part II)

So this song we got in it's entirety right from the get-go, but after sitting on it for a few months, I will say that I still love it. It's just so triumphant and hopeful in comparison to Part I, and it's hard not to get caught up in the emotion

7. All That Matters

Ok, wow. Just wow. This one hit me hard. First off, as a song, this is absolutely beautiful, with wonderful performances all around, hitting all of the emotional points dead on. What gets me, though, is the lyrics, and what those exact emotions are. You see, when we got small snippet in the Volume 5 finale, it was pretty obvious that it was directed at Blake. However, due to the context of the scene, I thought it was from the perspective of Team RWBY, and it was about how happy and relieved they were to see her. Looking at the lyrics, however, it's made pretty clear that it is specifically from Yang's point of view, a fact that will please many Bumblebee shippers and is sure to cause quite the ruckus on Tumblr (oh, it already is? Yeah, sounds about right). However, it ends up carrying a great deal of bitterness and anger with it, and suggests that Yang sees her relationship with Blake as downright toxic or unhealthy. If this is indeed indicative of how canon Yang sees things, I must say Volume 6 is bound to be interesting

Final Thoughts
Overall thoughts on this soundtrack? I f***ing love it. Not a single song here was a disappointment, and I adored every single one of them to one degree or another. Even the ones that were more or less what I expected still managed to put a smile on my face when I was done. Jeff, Casey, and everyone that worked on these songs knocked them out of the park, and I eagerly await burning them into my skull over the course of the next couple of months
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