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BBC: The new Doctor is a female!
Me: *grabs popcorn* This is gonna be good
No, seriously, since when was this a thing!?!?!
Oh man, CW's Black Lightning looks great.
Oh man, CW's Black Lightning looks great.
You know, suddenly Shepherd Book's "special hell" seems too good for 2016
"This is my friend Cisco"
"Friend is a loose term. We work together."
Heart, knife. Thank you, Cisco, for introducing the two.


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United States
My various thoughts and comments on Episode 2 of RWBY Volume 5, "Dread in the Air"


The opening is just as good now as it was last week.

You know, I used to think Tyrian was the most messed up member of Team WTCH, but now that we're starting to see more of Dr. Watts, I'm starting to reconsider

Not gonna lie, when we saw the red ribbons with spikes at the end in the trailer and intro, I was under the impression that we were seeing Watts's weapon. I'm quite disappointed that that is not the case.

You know, if I was Tyrian, I'd be scared shitless at the idea of Salem "wanting a word". I mean, I doubt she's going to kill him, otherwise why ask Watts for a new tail, but good gawd, the foreboding in her voice. Definitely something that sends chills up the spine.

I love this actions scene. I mean, on one hand, it sucks they weren't able to save the people in distress, that's a bummer, but everything that followed was just amazing. Weiss's use of her semblance was cool, the use of dust was pretty nifty, the arrival of the Queen Lancer just screamed "Time for the Boss Battle, suckers!", and good lord, what a wonderful use of what was easily the best song in Volume 4's soundtrack.

Also, it was really nice to see her summon come into play since it didn't help escape Schnee Manor like I'd hoped it would. That final move just screamed "Omnislash Ver. 5" in the best way possible.

Ok, for this next scene, I have a few minor thoughts:

I really like Sienna Khan's design. It's very tiger-like and regal looking.

Adam is just plain creepy, but almost to the point of silly. While his little "Humans should serve us" speech was probably supposed to be intimidating, his creepy smile and the exaggeration of his boasts just made him look like a naive teenager that still hasn't figured out how the world works. It kind of makes me wonder how everyone could take him seriously enough to get behind them like they did.

I honestly expected Khan to last longer than that.

It's funny because, despite all the betrayals and character introductions, the character that most interests me in this whole scene was Hazel. As someone in the RT comments section pointed out, this is the second time we've seen him outside of Salem's little board meeting, and both times his actions have actually had an edge of proper goodness to him, the first time when he helped Oscar, and this time with his genuine disgust at Adam's actions and his insistence that "no one had to die". On top of that, Ozpin seems to know him, and probably not for his affiliation with Salem. What's more, when Hazel was first introduced, I saw a couple of people write him off as nothing but "dumb muscle", but everything I've seen has said the exact opposite. His dialogue with Khan suggests that he has a gift for diplomacy, something not easily accomplished for a mere muscle head. Long story short, who is this guy!? I can't wait to see more of him, as he is easily the most interesting member of Team WTCH so far.

Finally, the ending of Volume 4 led me to believe that Team RWBY would reunite at Haven Academy, defending it from the White Fang's attack. Now it's starting to look like they might reunite at the HQ of Raven and her bandits, seeing as we have three out of the four heading in that direction. The only one not headed in that direction so far is Blake. I'm quite curious as to how this plays out.
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